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Irvine Divorce Modifications Lawyer
Assisting Clients with Modifications to Divorce and Court Orders in Irvine, California

After your divorce becomes final, you may encounter a change in circumstances which requires you to seek a modification of child support payments, alimony payments, visitation or parenting time schedules, or even child custody. If you are in this situation, we advise you to contact an Irvine divorce modifications attorney at our firm so that we can discuss your particular situation in this regard. Our firm consists of a legal team of divorce lawyers who each have more than 20 years of family law and divorce legal experience. We know and understand California divorce law and procedure and will work diligently to get the modification you need approved by the court.

Modifications of Divorce Settlements and Court Orders

A change in your circumstances can justify your need for higher or lower child support or maintenance payments or a revision of your parenting plan or child custody arrangements. In order to modify your divorce arrangements or court orders, you will have to file a petition with the court so that it can examine the proof or evidence of your materially changed circumstances. Such circumstances may consist of a job loss, reduced wages, a job relocation, a job promotion, a substantial increase or decrease in income, remarriage of one of the parents, a permanent physical injury or illness, the birth of another child or children resulting in additional financial obligations, or the allegation of abuse, child endangerment or neglect.

In these cases, your Irvine divorce modifications lawyer can negotiate a settlement between you and your spouse which can then be submitted to the court. This saves you the time, stress, and expense of appearing in court. However, if this is not possible, our firm will represent you in any court proceeding to resolve the modification issue. We know how important these issues are to you and your children, especially as regards financial support and parenting matters and we strive to achieve your needs and objectives.

Do you need a modification of your divorce settlement or court orders? Contact an Irvine Divorce Modifications Attorney at our firm for experienced legal assistance today!