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If you need legal assistance with an alimony matter in Irvine, we recommend that you contact an Irvine alimony lawyer at our law firm to discuss your situation as soon as possible. Our firm focuses on family law and divorce cases and have decades of legal experience to apply to the handling of your case. We understand the difficult and sensitive issues that filing for a divorce can bring, such as spousal support or alimony. When you retain the services of one of our divorce attorneys, your legal issue will be handled with the utmost care and concern for your needs and objectives.

Alimony in California Divorce Cases

The granting of an alimony award in a California divorce or legal separation is not automatic but is at the discretion of the court. In evaluating the ability of the divorcing partners to provide for their own financial needs, the court will make a decision based on many factors. If the divorcing partners cannot come to an agreement concerning alimony on their own, then it is up to the court to decide and it has the right to deny alimony or to limit its amount and duration based on the facts presented to it.

An important factor that the court will examine in deciding whether or not alimony should be awarded is the standard of living that was established during the marriage. Another significant factor is the financial needs of each partner and the ability to pay alimony on the part of the spouse who is being asked to provide it. All in all, there are 14 statutory factors which the court may use to determine the question of alimony in a California divorce. When examining the relevant factors, the court must make its decision based on the evidence, facts, and circumstances which exist for each partner at the time the issue is presented to the court.

If you need legal representation in an alimony case, we urge you to consult with an Irvine alimony attorney at our firm for experienced and knowledgeable legal service that is dedicated to helping you achieve the case results you need.

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